The Tibetan National Uprising


The Great Uprising of March 10th 1959 is regarded as the symbol of Tibet’s national resistance to Chinese military occupation. The M10 Memorial Project has been set up to provide factual and historic knowledge of those fateful days in Lhasa, and the names, images and information of those who participated in the fight against the Chinese occupation army and in the escape of the Dalai Lama.



Visit our REMEMBRANCE WALL (pawo pamo drendhen chakri). On it are photographs and names of fighters and activists from all walks of life, ranging from the blind beggar Tsesum who acted as a courier and a spy during the fighting, to the famous Tsarong Dasang Dadul who directed the Tibetan forces. We also have names and images of soldiers, officials, housewives, merchants, shopkeepers, monks, nuns, aristocrats and citizens who volunteered to defend the holy city. This is a very incomplete inventory. We request surviving relatives & acquaintances of Uprising participants and also independent researchers to help us extend and improve this memorial.

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Map of Lhasa and Environs

Check our zoomable and draggable map, showing main battle spots, Chinese offices and PLA camps and artillery emplacements.

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